Indoor Air Quality and Mold


Indoor Air Quality and Mold

MET’s experienced staff can identify, evaluate and mitigate indoor air quality (IAQ) concerns and hazards. We have successfully solved complex IAQ issues throughout Michigan. MET understands the needs of our client and can solve a variety of air quality concerns before they become a costly problem. Our services include: 

  • Building Characterization
  • Monitoring/Sampling Plan Development
  • Long and Short Term Air Monitoring, Sampling and Analysis
  • Tests for Mold, Organics and Inorganics

Many commercial buildings and residential homes constructed since the mid-1970s have become more energy efficient. Most allow less mixing of indoor and outdoor air. This, in addition to poor air circulation, water leaks or interior condensation, may create conditions for molds and fungus to grow inside the building. MET’s approach consists of an initial walk through to assess the building for obvious concerns, a moisture survey and quantitative sampling.

Chemical-based building materials and textiles in the construction industry are also on the rise. This has lead to many air quality complaints for residential and commercial buildings. Our Testing Services: 

  • Air sampling using Air-O-Cell cassettes for mold and fungus
  • Air sampling using Summa canisters, charcoal tubes and portable monitors for organics and inorganics
  • Tape lift mold/fungus sampling
  • Building moisture survey
  • HVAC system assessment
  • Carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide analysis
  • Material sampling